Giving back to our community is one of our core values! Therefore, we consistently strive to make a difference by providing our time and resources to these organizations that have tirelessly worked toward galvanizing our local community, our state, and our nation to a better place.



Emily Manalad
Roy Sato
Mark Roberts
Kimberly Davis
Phyllis Tamaya
Janice Amirpour
Terry Hernandez
Gary Sung
Katherine Manalad
Louis Turner
Harold Simmons
Arthur Gupta



H4 Equities Group is committed to partnering with for-profit and non-profit organizations that focus on encouraging local businesses, higher learning, and safety. We believe in local solutions to address local challenges. If your project or organization meets the above criteria, please contact Nitash Hirani [] for more details. We are happy to connect with you and are looking forward to working together in order to make an impact.