Our Mission: To identify development opportunities that will further advance the community.


H4 Properties owns, manages, and develops all real estate plays in our gas station and fine convenience markets. We strive to work closely with local brokers and developers to find win-win opportunities for the community. From our localized experience in Austin and San Antonio markets, we are firm believers that there are still many more development opportunities in these regions which can further enrich our surrounding communities and provide members additional amenities. Over the past 31 years we: 

  • Owned and developed more than 80 acres in Texas yielding 9 independent developments, 4 of which are multi-tenant retail properties

  • Comprise of over 75 years of experience within the Austin and San Antonio, TX commercial real estate markets

  • Yielded dozens of ‘lessons learned,’ pitfalls, issues and leading practices that enable us to make every new development an even greater success

As a company, we are always looking for new development opportunities that are align with our vision, mission, core competency, and most importantly our values. if you wish to submit a potential property please complete the following Site Location form. We look forward to working with you!