Our Mission: To revolutionize the meaning of customer service in the convenience business


The Market @ is our gas station and convenience store operation business. Our company re-strategizes the business model to a C-Store focused on providing “Fine Convenience” with an elegant shopping experience. Therefore, we are fixated to always:

  • Become one with the customers’ needs and their ever-changing desires
  • Treat others better than how you would like to be treated
  • Make our surrounding the most welcoming environment

Our efforts has led to a diverse product mix such as exclusive wines and unique grocery items which differs from the low margin, high volume products at the standard convenience store. We believe these nuances create a comfortable and enhanced shopping experience for our valued customers leading to an increase in the average consumer purchase and a decrease in demand elasticity.

In our efforts to consistently outperform expectations, please complete the following customer experience survey if you have comments or concerns regarding any of our locations. We truly appreciate your business and we look forward to seeing you again at one of our locations soon: